reverb10 Prompt: Wonder

Prompt: Wonder. How did you cultivate a sense of wonder in your life this year?

I went to Montana and spent a morning on a bench, watching the dew. I spent an evening listening to the rain. I sat in a bus full of people, and looked silently out the window as the most amazing landscape I’d ever seen flew by. Aspens! Pines! Rocks! Streams! The trip was like a balm to me. The mountains always fill me with wonder.

I held a baby. How can you not be filled with wonder at the sight of a child? How can you not gasp when they smile at you or grab your hand?

I started planning a garden. Yes, he does most of the heavy lifting, but as the plants go in they become part of the house, part of me. I love the maple tree in our backyard with an irrational passion. I waited for its leaves to turn like a child waiting for Christmas morning. The garden, and each change of these plants in my care, fills me with wonder.

We decorated for Christmas – for the first time. Something about the light from a fire in the fireplace, or the glow of the tree… it will always fill me with wonder. I am suddenly a child lying beneath the tree, squinting at the lights.

I lay in bed and listened to the rain on the skylights. Never fails.

I went to NIA classes, and danced to ‘find the joy in movement again’ and left in awe and wonder at what my body can do despite past injuries.

I wrote poetry, even though I was rusty. And shared it with young writers.

We went to Hawaii and I spent the whole time in a state of bliss and wonder. We hiked to a waterfall above the seven sacred pools. We swam in the ocean before breakfast, and visited the beach at night. I was in awe of the beauty of the place, and the gift of my relationship with my husband.

I took a walk to the park on Halloween, just as a rainstorm was coming in. I felt the weather change around me and was filled with wonder.

I re-learned how to ride a bicycle and laughed in wonder as I moved around my neighborhood in a new way. I was flooded with joy at my own mobility, and the new pace I’d found.

I read tarot cards, and morning after morning sat in wonder at how useful it was, how spot on it was, and how my intuition grew.

I went to the local quilt show – the largest on the West Coast – and soaked in all the beauty that was there. I shopped, taking home some of the most potent colors I’d ever seen for myself.

I went to ritual, and sang to the Goddess, and was answered. How can you not fall on your knees in wonder when the Universe winks at you?

On Fourth of July, I was home alone and heard the fireworks in the distance. I lay on the bed and fell half-asleep. I was the fireworks. I was the sky.

I went to a class and made my own infused oils and balms. I felt like an alchemist.

We went to the Maker Faire, and even though it was crowded, I wandered in wonder of all the things people had made, all the creativity there was in the world.

I listened to new music. Are there still songs to be written – yes!

I read new books. There are still new ways to tell old stories.

I watched him sleep, and was filled with wonder.


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