Re: reverb10: Sabbath Manifesto

After learning about it this morning, I’ve looked into the Sabbath Manifesto. There are 10 ideas, based on the Jewish celebration of the holiday:

Avoid technology
That would be hard. I guess for me this means not farting around online? I did spend a lot of time on facebook, reading blogs, etc… last Sunday. Technology isn’t bad – but if I have the option to read a book, I should read a book. There is no need to spend the majority of my days off glues to a computer monitor.

Connect with loved ones
I call my parents every Sunday. It’s our thing. I love it.

Nurture your health
Yoga class. Yeah!

Get outside
I could ride my bike!

Avoid commerce
No shopping. You got it. Well, wait. What if I bike to a farmer’s market? It’s not the same type of commerce as, say, Walmart.

Light candles
No problem. Any excuse to light candles.

Drink wine
Um, this is supposed to be hard?

Eat bread
How’s about I make bread? Wouldn’t that be awesome? I know a lot of people don’t cook on the Sabbath, but for me making bread would be a way to relax, renew, and slow down.

Find silence

Give back
I’ve been wanting to give away one thing every month this next year. Then I heard about Give5. If I took the time to get rid of one thing that I no longer needed, even if I put it in a pile of ‘to be donated,’ wouldn’t that be great?

All in all, I love this. I’m interested in finding the Sabbath in my life. I might even participate in the National Day of Unplugging March 20th this next year.


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