Re: reverb10 Prompt: Travel

I’ve been thinking about the prompt on travel. I listed where I had traveled, but the question was really “how do you travel?” This stuck with me as I packed, left for the airport, got there just in time to learn the flight was delayed two hours, and had a significant amount of time to kill in an overpriced hotel bar.

I watched other people, asking myself, “How do they travel?”

There was the businessman in front of me at security. I always get in line behind frequent fliers. They are zero hassle. He traveled as if it was as simple as breathing. No extra movements, no irritation. It was all normal to him.

There was the very loud drunk woman at the corner of the bar. She traveled by getting hammered before getting on a plane.

There was the couple next to us with two laptops open, facing each other. They traveled by pretending it was the office.

There was the woman who had a wreath on her head, and another in a Santa hat. They traveled in a good mood, happy to make friends.

There were parents with small children. They all had enough gear with them they looked like they traveled ready for war or a blizzard or both.

There was the woman who was really well dressed. She is always there. She makes me feel bad when she steps through security, picks up her lovely carry-on, pulls her sweater or pashmina closer, and strides off with large sunglasses on her head. You know who I am talking about. She travels rich. She travels sleek and minimal, and I am so jealous.

See, I wore hiking shoes and a bulky sweater because I was taught that you wore the largest items and packed the rest. I normally would not wear them together, as it makes me look 12 and hopelessly out of fashion. All I was missing was a scrunchie. Also, my bag has a giant pink polka-dotted luggage tag, courtesy of my very thoughtful boss. I normally abhor pink, but it was very easy to spot on the carousel later. I also stock up on magazines I love but don’t normally buy – Good and Bitch and Bust – as they are a treat for all that flying.

So I guess you could say I travel like a completely different person. A practical person but in truth I’d be a little embarrassed to run into anyone I know while traveling. Is this really how I want to travel? Given all that travel I have coming up in the next year, it’s certainly food for thought.


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