Reverb11: Party

(I loved Reverb10, where I was sent a writing prompt every day of December. It was a great way to reflect on the year and set some goals. Alas, Reverb11 is not going to happen unless I do it. So, I’ve collected the prompts from last year, exchanged a few of my own, and will select one every day.)

Prompt: Party. What social gathering rocked your socks off in 2011?

I got to attend a party at the House of Blues this year. After a pre-party we walked from our hotel to the French Quarter of New Orleans with a coworker who grew up there, and heard all about his childhood in the Crescent City as the sun set. Once we arrived, we were given Blues Brothers style sunglasses and drink tickets. I got a beer, and we found a place on the balcony. It ended up being a great spot. The Molly Ringwalds came on the stage and played for a solid two hours. They are awesome – one of the best live band I’ve ever seen. The dance floor filled and everyone sang along. I surprised myself with the number of songs from the 80s I knew word for word. On the way out I was just brave enough to ask one of the ticket taker for the Blues Brother style hats – and she gave it to me! We walked back to the conference center in a group laughing and talking, to another party, and another. I am not normally a party all night person, but that night I was the girl in the hat and I loved every second of it.

P.S. Last year I wrote this.


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