Prompt: Charity

(I loved Reverb10, where I was sent a writing prompt every day of December. It was a great way to reflect on the year and set some goals. Alas, Reverb11 is not going to happen unless I do it. So, I’ve collected the prompts from last year, exchanged a few of my own, and will select one every day.)

Prompt: Charity. What acts of charity did you engage in this year? How did that impact you? What kind of service would you like to be involved in next year?

I sorted pears at the local food bank with my co-workers this year before the semester started. It wasn’t fun, but I’ve got lots of worse ways to spend five hours. I got to know people, the work wasn’t hard, and I felt really good about myself after. I liked it.

So why, really, haven’t I done it since?

This prompt is, in fact, not an original reverb10 prompt. It’s my own. I think I added it in to my list because I wanted to force myself to think about this.

And I’ve got nothing. Again. I need to work on this.


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