Reverb11: Lesson Learned

(I loved Reverb10, where I was sent a writing prompt every day of December. It was a great way to reflect on the year and set some goals. Alas, Reverb11 is not going to happen unless I do it. So, I’ve collected the prompts from last year, exchanged a few of my own, and will select one every day.)

Prompt: Lesson Learned. What was the best thing you learned about yourself this past year?

I have terrible follow-through. There. I admit it. Even though I am the queen of lists and have had a planner since I was in fifth grade and like to think of myself as very organized and dependable, I have a real problem following through with stuff, especially if any of the following thing are true:

1. I’ve been told to do it by a person of authority.
2. I don’t think whatever it is is critical.
3. It involves calling a business during business hours.
4. It feels like something an adult would do.
5. I’ve been told to do it with little explanation of why.
6. If 1, 2, and 5 are all true.
7. I’d rather take a nap.

Whew. I think I need to lie down. I’ve been repressing that for about 20 years.

PS. Last year I wrote this.


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