Reverb13: Favorite Things

(For the past three years, I’ve used Reverb10 prompts for every day of December. It’s a great way to reflect on the year and set goals for the future. I’m not the only one who has held on to a project from 2010. This year I signed up for prompts from Project Reverb.)

Favorite things. Give us a list of your favorite things from 2013. Could be material items, food, people, anything!

Oprah style, I’ll go with luxury items that felt like gifts to myself this year.

Spicy Maya Chocolate bars. Dark Chocolate, Cinnamon, and Chili peppers.

My black broom.

Salads in mason jars. And Cuppow cups to hold the dressing.

Organic Cotton Jersey Sheets.

Daisy and Honey perfume by Marc Jacobs.

Fresh spices from Oaktown spice shop.

My custom made lunchbags with sleeves for mason jars.

Slim, red, Moleskine notebooks.

Cloche hats. I’m starting a collection.

Pangaea Organics beauty products – particularly the lavender and cardamom body oil.

Evernote, Noteability, and Songza apps.

Hand-dyed fabrics from the Pan-Pacific quilt show.

Caramel Bedtime Tea from Yogi Tea. It has poppy extract.

Balega running socks. I now have lots.

Jack-of-All-Trades lipbalm. I’ve got three colors.


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