Reverb15: The Heirophant

(For the past five years, I’ve used Reverb10 prompts to give myself a question to answer every day of December. It’s a great way to reflect on the year and set goals for the future. For 2015 I combined my love of tarot with the Reverb questions, matching my favorite questions to the 22 Major Arcana cards in the deck.)

THE HEIROPHANT. What do you want to learn in the next year?

Ok. Ok. Keep it small. You always go overboard on this…

How to make a proper muslin for a homemade garment.

How to make a content plan for a blog and stick to it. And drive traffic to that content. And run a giveaway for that blog.

What it takes to present at BATS, or NWTS, and if I have whatever that is.

How to do that strange move in Ballet Bar class that involves sitting with your back against the wall and your legs out in front of you and picking up both feet at the same time. How the hell do all those other women do that?


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