The Project

About Hurry Slowly…

“Festina Lente” means make haste slowly … To do things the proper way instead of hurriedly and heedlessly; to see urgent things through in a thorough manner …

Every year I start wanting this to be the year that I hurry slowly. I have a lot of things I want to to, a lot of interests, but that doesn’t mean I need to rush through it all. This blog is meant to help me not just record the year, but savor it.

I started with #Reverb10 prompts, and kept going after the creators stopped. I loved the idea of wrapping up the year that way, and having a daily writing challenge. Every year since then I’ve come back to the prompts, changed a few, and then tried to take the daily writing habit into the new year. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t. Every year I try again, and get a little further. By now all my stops and starts add up to a great record of my life.


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